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Frequently Asked Questions

Vola.Ad is an advanced mobile advertising platform developed to meet the needs of Brands, Small and Medium Enterprises and Individuals looking for increasing Sales, Reach, Installs, Leads, Awareness and Revenues.

We help advertisers run advertisements on mobile. We offer wide array of options for targeting like Telecom Operator, Geography/ City/Country, Device, Operating System, Browser, Inventory Type/Genre, Time of the day, Day of the Week and Internet type wise to reach the Right Audience at Right Time with Right Message to run mobile advertisement in the most optimized manner.

We provide a bundle of benefits to our advertisers:

  • Advertisers can start with an Ad budget at low budget.
  • Platform has a Creative tool for advertiser to create banners for their Advertisements On-The-Go.
  • If the advertisers don’t have a web presence, they can create a webpage with us in real-time on the interface.
  • Advertisers can create, run and monitor Advertisements on the platform via desktop as well as mobile.
  • Do Positioning with Geo Fencing Targeting up to City and pin code level.
  • Receive Advertisement Optimization recommendations.
  • Use Big Data Analytics for better insights on Advertisement performance.
  • Expert Consultation from the best people in the industry of digital and mobile advertising.
  • We offer many payment gateways. Our Mobile payment solution addresses the problem of advertisers without credit cards.

Our business model is CPC (Cost per Click).

Advertisers can run banner, video and text ads

You can create an ad and run it for any country while sitting in same or any other country.

You will need a product or service to sell, mobile number and an email id to register with us.

Yes, you can use your existing webpage to advertise.

Yes, platform has a feature where you can create a mobile web page for your advertisement on the go.

Starting and managing Advertisements on Vola.Ad is very easy. These are the simple steps to start advertising:

Step 1: Create Account with Vola.Ad.

Step 2: Create your own banners or even your web page on platform.

Step 3: Pick advanced targeting options like Location, Time, OS, Device, etc. and run your Advertisement.

Step 4: Manage and monetize your Advertisement with the help of our Big Data analytics.

Yes 1st time advertiser can use our 1 day trial pack. We ensure our results will be encouraging for you to run long term advertisements with us.

It takes us few minutes up to 6 hours to approve creatives. In case of complex creatives or more creatives in queue for approval we may take maximum of 24 hours to approve.

Yes, we rely on white and blacklists for brand safety concerns. A curated list of brand-safe properties is provided which you can use to easily and quickly roll out advertisements to high-volume brand-safe apps and websites across our exchange partners. You can easily select from the Include and Exclude option available and choose your own specific targeting for safety.

The file uploaded must not be larger than 100mb per file. Aside to this restriction, there is no limit to how many device identifiers that can be in that file.

All the technology in place is our proprietary, with in-built redundancy. Our server hosting is across the globe for fastest traffic delivery for that geography. Vola.Ad systems are built to deliver an Ad in <60 milliseconds on User’s device.

The entire engine is developed on Core Java, PhP and MySQL. With a focus on optimizing the Supply side, we developed - SDD (Smart Demand Distribution Platform), which increases efficiency by 25-30%. SDD uses Big Data Algorithm models to optimize the Supply Conversion by identifying and serving most profitable advertisement in real time.

The total budget is the total common, pooled budget that the advertisement will draw their daily budget from. This means that Daily Budget can range from $0 to the advertisement’s Daily Budget.

Do note that once the Daily budget is completely used, advertisements will stop bidding even if their total budget is not reached.

No it can’t. Remember the advertisement’s budget is the total budget – the advertisement will draw from this budget for its own daily spends.

If you specify a daily budget that is larger, you will be prompted to increase the advertisement's total budget to accommodate this budget.

Yes, you can edit an advertisement any time after submitting it.

If your budget has insufficient funds for an advertisement or entire amount is consumed, your advertisement will go into paused state until customer makes a payment to refill the advertisement budget.

This refers to the top level domain of the company or product advertised. Text entered in the Advertiser Domain field should exclude HTTP protocols and subdomains (such as www). Some example of Advertiser Domain - king.com, nike.com, avatarmovie.com.

Usually, the click tracking URLs generated by a third party tracker hits the third party tracking service before redirecting you to the intended landing page. Include this in your creative by using your click tracking URL as the landing page URL.

When a Javascript tag is used, Vola.Ad's system would still submit the Advertisement URL to the Advertisement Exchanges. However, only the javascript tag will be used to display the creative on the end user's phone. The provided Advertisement URL will be disregarded.

Also, our Vetting Team will be checking if the Javascript creative is consistent with the declared Advertisement URL and Image. If the ad content and resultant landing page does not match with the declared Advertisement URL, the creative will be rejected.

No you don’t have to enter your credit card details to sign up. At the time of paying for your advertisement budget if you are paying via credit card you will have to enter card details.

No you can have one account with one email id but you can run multiple advertisements with it.

Yes you can have multiple advertisements running under one registered account.

Yes you can

We will provide a complete Dashboard of your advertisement; you can get detailed reports to measure the performance of your ads. The reports will be updated in hourly basis.

In case of any problems, you can we write to this id: care@Vola.Ad

No there are no other fees.

Yes you can.

Currencies you can transact in are INR , GBP and USD . Payment gateways we currently work are Paypal and HDFC bank.

We accept all forms of online payments like Credit card, Debit card, Net Banking and you can also pay via your mobile balance.

No, any refunds between advertiser and customer needs to handles directly between themselves.