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About Vola.Ad

  • In pursuit of building solutions that are based on non-assumptive ways of reaching to the customers on mobile, we have built Vola.Ad which is first of its kind, direct to customer and location targeted Advertising Platform bringing advertisements at the door of the Brands, Small and Medium Enterprises and Individuals.

The Vola.Ad Core Team

Andesh Bhatti

Founder & CEO

Andesh Bhatti is the Founder and Director of Vola.Ad. After running strategic portfolios for driving revenues and scaling businesses in Mobile and IT domain, he started his entrepreneurial journey. He co-founded Collectcent Digital Media Limited which is a Mobile Advertising company

Sonia Singh

Head - Marketing

“Every day is exciting at Vola.Ad as we continue to enhance it to achieve product excellence. I love stepping into user’s mind to make our product tailor-made for each of our advertiser."

Abhijeet Sen

Publisher Relations

“To meet requirement of our advertisement traffic and for constant growth of our network I handle global acquisition of quality inventory and work towards expanding our business boundaries”

Aditya Dandsena

Advertiser Relations

“I work closely with advertisers to kick-start campaigns by helping them understand the target market, campaign budget and performance analysis via our analytics tool for best ROI”

Sanjeev Kumar

Head delivery

“Operational optimization directly benefits timelines and output. I make the most of our process optimization tools to ensure high productivity excellence and process alignment with business goals."

Arun Kumar Mondal

Lead - Technology

“With customer being the core of our business, I love developing scalable solutions which connect them with the right audience. I constantly work towards keeping pace with the ever-changing technology”